Lifecoach for children

Do you wish for your child to feel good about themselves again?

Studio Boom Kindercoaching in Breda is a wonderful and safe place where children can truly be themselves. I approach your child's needs without judgment and with a curious mindset, working towards personal goals in a playful and creative manner.
I provide guidance to children between the ages of 7 and 17 (and their parents) who may temporarily require extra support or a nudge in the right direction in areas such as:

* Insecurity
* Social interaction
* Sensitivity
* Resilience
* Fears
* Fear of failure
* Tension
* Anger
* Dealing with divorce
* Difficulty standing up for oneself

I want every child to feel good about themselves and be able to handle various situations they encounter. Sometimes, this can be challenging, and having some additional support can make a difference. I offer this support in the form of lifecoaching for children, which is accessible and does not require a referral. Additionally, I do not have a waiting list, allowing children to receive assistance promptly.


The coaching process always begins with an introductory phone call. Since emotions play a significant role in coaching, it is important that we establish a good connection.

If the initial introduction goes well, you will fill out an intake form. Based on this form and the specific needs, we will have an in-depth conversation at your home, focusing on the challenges and desires for your child. The preferred approach is to involve both parents in the intake session without your child present, allowing us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current and desired situation.

After this in-depth conversation, we will begin with the initial sessions. These sessions can take place at my studio, or if desired, at your home or your child's school. During the first sessions, the focus will be on building trust so that your child feels safe and comfortable.

The sessions will involve activities that emphasize play, creativity, and movement, tailored to your child's interests and worldview. Each session lasts for 50 minutes, followed by an additional 10 minutes to discuss our progress and schedule the next appointment. If you have any questions or wish to delve deeper into a certain topic, we can always arrange an extra meeting or phone call.
Depending on how the sessions progress, a midterm evaluation will take place after 3-4 sessions. Since each child and their needs are unique, the total number of sessions can vary. On average, it amounts to 8 sessions (excluding midterm and final evaluations). After the last session, where we will reflect on the achieved successes, a final evaluation will be conducted.
If, over time, your child or you feel the need to reach out or schedule another session, you are always welcome to do so!
In some cases, it can be beneficial for me to observe your child at school or at home. I always approach these observations without judgment and with an open mind. Together, we will determine the necessary steps to achieve the desired situation.

About Me

I am Hanneke van Nispen (1981), and I live in Breda with my husband and our two children, aged 12 and 10. In addition to my work as a lifecoach for children, I am also a primary school teacher. This allows me to have a good understanding of what happens in schools and enables me to incorporate that knowledge into the coaching sessions.

I believe it is important for children to be able to be themselves, feel good about themselves, and confidently face the world. I approach children with an open mind and curiosity, seeking to understand the underlying reasons behind their behaviors. I firmly believe that a child's behavior is their way of expressing something. I am a good listener, empathetic, intuitive, open-minded, and children quickly feel comfortable in my presence.

All the rates listed below include VAT, preparation time, documentation, and the use of materials. For sessions held at a location other than my studio, a travel reimbursement of €0.39 per kilometer will be charged.

Introductory phone call
up to 30 minutes


Intake session
Approximately 1.5 hours


Coaching session
1 hour


Midterm evaluation
1.5 hours


Final evaluation
1.5 hours


School visit per hour


Written report upon request


Cancellation Policy
If, unexpectedly, you need to cancel an appointment, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance. In such cases, the reserved time will not be charged. You can reschedule the appointment 24 hours in advance (always by phone).

Referral and reimbursement
A referral from a general practitioner is not required. Currently, I do not have a waiting list, so you can get an appointment quickly. Lifecoaching for children is usually not covered by health insurance providers.

Feel free to contact me for more information!
Hanneke van Nispen
Phone: +31 6 38193950

Studio Boom Kindercoaching
Achillesstraat 97
4818 BM Breda

Please use the contact form below for any inquiries or requests for information.